SpinQ Desktop Quantum Computer

Hands-On Learning Material

SpinQ’s latest desktop quantum computers provide powerful education tools to support learners in writing and testing their own quantum circuits. Each comes complete with teaching material for taught lessons as well as self-study; providing portable NMR-based system with user-friendly interface which integrates up to 3-qubit real quantum computing and up to 24 qubit simulator which can be used a client to connect other systems and build a network. The lightweight and portable designs make SpinQ’s products ready for diverse applications and provides examples of multiple famous quantum algorithms, including Deutsch’s, Grover’s, and HHL algorithms, as well as up to 100 single and 50 two-qubit gate operations available on Gemini to enable unique learning opportunities in quantum circuit writing as well as concepts such as Rabi oscillation observation, Bell state preparation, decoherence time measurement, quantum simulation of BCS, Hamiltonian mechanics, and more.


Three-qubit desktop NMR quantum computer, supporting a richer demonstration of quantum algorithms and experimental cases. The Triangulum supports SpinQit, auxiliary software connections, and various dynamics experiments. Suitable for basic teaching in university physics, quantum mechanics, and quantum information. It also supports more advanced quantum algorithm research, such as machine learning, quantum chemical simulations, error correction algorithm studies, etc., making it an ideal platform for entry-level quantum information and teaching.

Gemini Mini/Mini Pro

A portable two-bit NMR quantum computer utilizes a compact integrated design, incorporating the powerful capabilities of quantum computing within its lightweight body. The Gemini Mini series products come with a built-in touch screen, allowing users to operate directly without the need for an additional computer or other devices. The instrument system is preloaded with practical quantum algorithm cases and complete teaching courses, realizing the portability of the quantum computer and seamless human-computer interaction. The Gemini Mini series products are very suitable as entry-level tools for quantum computing. Whether it’s for teaching by instructors or independent learning by students, users can quickly get started, greatly lowering the learning threshold of quantum computing.

Triangulum Mini

Three-qubit portable NMR quantum computer a compact, integrated design based on the Triangulum base. The TriangulumMini adopts a newly designed pulse control scheme, supporting more types of 3-qubit gate operations. It can execute more complex quantum circuits, demonstrate more layers of quantum gate cascading, and implement higher-order quantum algorithms. This product serves as an ideal platform for teaching disciplines such as university physics, quantum mechanics, and quantum information. It’s also suitable for quantum algorithm and quantum simulation research.

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