Qureka! Box Training

Approx. 15 hours
In Person Trainings

Building the Quantum Workforce of the Future!

Are you ready to be empowered with the skills you need to thrive in the quantum era? Introducing our exclusive Qureka! Box Training Program, designed to unleash the potential of young minds with our trained professionals!

Our Qureka! Box is not just another classroom kit – it’s a revolutionary educational resource that ignites curiosity and fosters critical thinking. With hands-on materials that students can build themselves, coupled with comprehensive step-by-step guides tailored for educators, our training program ensures seamless integration of quantum concepts into your curriculum.

Why choose our training program?

Expert Guidance: Learn from seasoned professionals who will guide your class through our innovative learning methodology, delivering quantum education in your classroom.

Practical Resources: Gain access to a wealth of classroom materials and presentations designed to engage students and deepen their understanding of quantum principles, preparing them for the challenges of tomorrow.

Transformative Impact: Inspire a new generation of thinkers who are equipped to tackle complex problems and thrive in a rapidly evolving world driven by quantum technologies.

Don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionize your teaching courses and shape the future of education. Join our Qureka! Box Training Program today and embark your classroom on a journey towards quantum enlightenment!

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