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Unleash the power of photonics with the LightPort, the ultimate hands-on learning tool for students and engineers alike. Powered by a cutting-edge photonic chip, the LightPort provides invaluable experience in programming and characterising the core components that drive next-generation photonic and quantum technologies.

Designed for all levels of expertise, the LightPort equips BSc, Master, or BTEC students with essential skills to innovate in the realm of integrated photonics and serves as the perfect tool for industry professionals looking to enhance their expertise in integrated photonics.

The LightPort has 11 programmable integrated components, including variable beamsplitters, tuneable delays, and wavelength multiplexers, and features an intuitive GUI and a bank of 8 photodiodes for live programming and readout. For those looking to integrate the LightPort into more complex photonic systems, the GUI also offers a Python-based scripting window for running experiments and analysing data. This versatile tool can be used in an IT environment, making it ideal for lab-free learning and group teaching (1-4 students).

A comprehensive guide to components and basic lesson plans are available to guide the user through foundational concepts like polarisation and waveguiding, through to advanced topics such as dynamic routing, multiplexing, and quantum photonics, all through the practical application of integrated photonics.

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Experimental Setups For Education