Hop Quantum Game


|HOP> is a fast, fast-paced, non-random strategy game on the theme of quantum physics. Highly replayable, it aims to popularize the great principles of quantum physics while keeping players’ attention through complete tactical mastery.


Move your particles, modify the experiment board and activate quantum abilities to reach your goal. But beware: there’s no such thing as chance. You have the same elements as your opponents.


Based on verified physical laws, |HOP> will enable you to familiarize yourself with the enigmatic terms of quantum physics and grasp its main mechanisms.


An online scientific explanation booklet is available to give you more details on the terms, mechanics and physical principles you’ll see appearing in the game. It’s all presented in a way that makes it accessible to everyone.


Contained in a small 10cm square box, |HOP> can be taken anywhere. Its 15-minute playing time makes it an ideal travel companion!

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